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is when the Hentschel Speditions-Gesellschaft was founded by Eckart Hentschel. He secured the first major business partner from the USA and established an open customs warehouse in Dachau with a two-man team. From there, imported household appliances were shipped to southern and eastern Europe. This successful venture laid the foundation of the company, gradually building its success story. To this day, it remains the cornerstone of HSG's success.


the business expanded its operations to include northern and western Europe, and the team grew to over 10 employees.


exports to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Mongolia were added to the company's operations.

ab 2011

we acquired new customers and expanded our expertise to include household appliances, accessories, textiles, truck leaf springs, coffee, wine, and much more.


we achieved what many fail to accomplish: the generational transition!

As of October 1, 2022, Tiziana D’Acunto assumed the role of the new managing director. With over 30 years of tenure within the company, she possesses extensive knowledge across all areas, having previously served as a longstanding authorized officer. She holds a deep commitment to both the welfare of customers and the team.

United, the HSG team continues to progress, dedicated to identifying optimal fulfillment solutions for your needs.


We are a vibrant, privately-owned enterprise offering specialized fulfillment services primarily catering to the European market.
At our core, we prioritize quality, precision, and adaptability.

We adeptly guide our clients through the intricate landscape of customs regulations, providing a dependable hand amidst the complexities of import and international trade protocols.

From warehousing to order fulfillment, we manage every aspect of your product journey, empowering you to focus entirely on your business endeavors.


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